Larry finds teamwork at Redfish Lake

Larry talks with guests about the plight of wild salmon during a boat tour of Redfish Lake.

The work to advance awareness of the plight of Idaho’s wild salmon is far more than a one-fish job. Fortunately there is an abundance of people and organizations dedicated to saving wild salmon far into the future.

Lonesome Larry teamed up with the Sawtooth Interpretive and Historical Association last weekend to help spread the word. A non-profit organization based in Stanley, the Historical Association’s mission is to protect and advance the natural and cultural history of Idaho’s Sawtooth and Salmon River country through preservation and education.

Larry shares his story at SIHA's Junior Ranger program.

The Historical Association offers a wide array of fun and educational opportunities in Stanley, including the Stanley museum, a historic walking tour of Stanley, and the Redfish Center, which offers daily educational programs during the summer, including nature hikes and Junior Ranger programs that teach young people about the history, biology and geology of the region. In conjunction with Redfish Lake Lodge, the Redfish Center offers scheduled boat tours of Redfish Lake. During tours, interpretive specialists discuss Sawtooth history, geology, and ecology. Lonesome Larry joined a group of Junior Rangers and made a special appearance on Saturday’s boat tour to tell his story.

Like so many other challenges faced by today’s world, spreading the word about Idaho’s sockeye is something best accomplished by a lot of people working together. Thanks to SIHA and other organizations that are helping to tell the story of the most interesting fish in the world, Lonesome Larry feels a little less lonesome at the end of the day.

The ladies at SIHA just couldn't resist the most interesting (and handsome) fish in the world!


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