Lonesome Larry takes his fishy tune to Hot Summer Nights

The most interesting fish in the world splashed onto the stage of Riggins’ Hot Summer Nights Talent Show on Friday evening, playing guitar and singing an original song about his heartbreaking story. Lonesome Larry placed second in the competition–not too shabby for a fish out of water.

Ironic though it may seem, Larry is a huge fan of fishermen.

Hot Summer Nights is an annual community celebration on the banks of the Salmon River. This year’s festivities included live music, games and water slides for kids, face-painting, food, a beer-garden, and talent show. While performing in front of a crowd can be nerve-wracking, the Riggins community provided a supportive and fun audience for all the show’s contestants, even fishy ones. Cheering on Larry in especially boisterous fashion were a number of rafting guides and fishermen, some of the strongest advocates for salmon recovery because they know how much salmon mean business for rural riverside towns like Riggins. Thanks, Riggins, for a fantastic hot summer night.

Stay thirsty, Idahoans, and check back to see Larry’s performance!

Lonesome Larry plays his song at Riggins' Hot Summer Nights Talent Show.

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