The world’s most interesting fish reels in a crowd

The Most Interesting Fish in the World joins a beach volleyball team at Payette Lake in McCall.

From spiking the volleyball on a scenic beach to dodging fish hooks in the whitewater capital of Idaho, Lonesome Larry is spreading his fishy tale throughout the Gem State on the 20th anniversary of his lonesome return to Redfish Lake.

On Sunday, June 17, Lonesome Larry visited McCall, a resort town located on the edge of Payette Lake. Originally a logging town, McCall is now an all-season tourist destination for those who love biking, boating, skiing, fishing and other outdoor recreation. As the most handsome, athletic fish in the world, Larry couldn’t resist joining a game of beach volleyball with some fun and fabulous people.

On Monday, Larry splashed into Riggins, also known as Idaho’s whitewater capital.

Larry watches anglers cast lines for salmon into the Little Salmon River near Riggins. Fully restored fishing seasons would bring millions to Idaho's rural riverside communities.

Riggins is the starting point for many whitewater enthusiasts who wish to brave the unforgettable rapids of the Salmon River. The small town is also popular among anglers, and there are hundreds of fishermen lined up on the river’s shore this summer, hoping to land a giant chinook. The fishermen barbed in jest that they were going to hook Larry and fry him up for dinner.

Larry also visited the 45th parallel (halfway between the Equator and the North Pole) and then headed to Midvale to nap on a hay bale at Dixie Creek Ranch, one of several small cattle ranches located next to the Weiser River. He was last seen on a four-wheeler, riding into the sunset, but don’t despair–the most interesting fish in the world promised to reappear soon.

Stay thirsty, Idahoans.



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